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Freudman Law PC is a boutique criminal defence and civil litigation firm, dedicated to defending individuals facing serious criminal charges, and representing those involved in civil disputes and lawsuits. Our offices are located in downtown Toronto, though we provide professional legal services to clients within the GTA and across Ontario, including Brampton, Scarborough, Oshawa, Newmarket, Milton, Orangeville, Barrie and Hamilton.

Our goal is to provide tailored and exceptional services to our clients, with an emphasis on honesty and transparency. Our billing approach reflects this, as Freudman Law does not have any billable hour “targets” or requirements for its associate lawyers. This ensures that Daniel and his team are focused solely on achieving the best result for our clients in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

At Freudman Law, we will commit to you and your case by providing vigorous and uncompromising legal services at affordable rates. We will work tirelessly to ensure your rights and interests are protected at all times, and we will strive to take your stress and anxiety out of the legal process. One of the ways we accomplish these objectives is by providing all clients with our direct (cell) phone numbers, so there is an open line of communication any time assistance is urgently needed, even on evenings and weekends.

If you or someone you know has been charged with an offence, or is involved in a legal dispute or lawsuit, contact Freudman Law now. Professional legal representation is critical at every stage of the litigation and criminal process.

  • "This was my first time seeking a litigation lawyer and I lucked out. Daniel is very responsive with my emails, super sharp in his insight and knowledge, and able to see all angles of a situation from the different points of views and probabilities. He's extremely easy to talk to as well. I went into the meeting feeling scattered and worried but left feeling much more calm, relaxed, and confident about the case. I'll definitely be recommending him to my friends.

  • "Daniel is an honest, helpful, and knowledgeable lawyer who goes out of his way to give the best experience to his clients. I had the pleasure of him helping me with my case. He walked me through every step and reviewed all my options with me. He made me feel heard and had my best intentions the entire time. This is an honest and trustworthy person and I would 100% work with him again."
  • "Daniel is an excellent lawyer, he is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and honest. He took care of my case with confidence and professionalism. He was very responsive and provided great advise every step of the way. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone in need of a great and honest lawyer."
  • " Great lawyer! Argued an 11b application with skill and had all charges stayed. Totally recommend him for criminal defence against very serious charges."
  • The Honest Lawyer - 5/5 across this board for Daniel. Daniel was courteous, diligent, professional - and took on my case passionately, giving me peace of mind that I was in great hands. Throughout the process Daniel was 100% transparent. Always provided avenues to help reduce cost. End of the day Daniel helped me accomplish what I had set out for and even end returned some money to me in the end :) A good honest man, you can trust with your case. Thank you Daniel.
  • " Daniel's knowledge, work ethic, and commitment to his clients make him a great attorney. I would highly recommend him to anyone. "
  • " To all those who are considering Daniel your attorney, do not hesitate. We chose him out of more than a dozen others, and we were glad we did. He resolved our legal matters with the utmost professionalism and ease. We highly praise him for his expertise and his superbly friendly service. "
  • " Daniel is really good at what he does. He helped me rectify the legal situation I was in with efficiency and professionalism I haven't seen from a lawyer before. He communicated with me promptly when documents would come in for us to go over. His knowledge and tenacity saved me more than $20,000 in settlement payments. He is the embodiment of what a great lawyer can be. "
  • " I had almost given up hope on a claim in small claims court against an unscrupulous building contractor. That is until I hired Mr. Freudman who organized all the material I wanted to submit, evaluated what should be included, then meticulously laboured over examinations and cross-examinations of myself, other witnesses and the defendant. It took years and delay tactics on the defendant's part, and outright and blatant lies on the defendant's part, but Mr. Freudman persevered and maintained focus. Finally, after four years, the judge's Order has been handed down: WE WON. I received a settlement in excess of $12,000 plus legal costs. I would advise anyone in a litigation matter to contact Mr. Freudman. He knew the questions to ask me initially to help size up the case and keenly maneuvered throughout many days in trial. Thank you Mr. Freudman. With this behind me, I feel such enormous relief and am absolutely thrilled with the results! "
  • " Mr. Freudman was talented and well-organized. Great communication skills and his knowledge will help your case to victory "
  • " I would use this lawyer or recommended him to anyone who wants to be well represented by a thorough and professional lawyer.Mr Freudman kept me informed.of the proceedings all the way.the outcome was better than i expected and i owe it to his work.Thank you so very much! "
  • " Daniel Freudman went above and beyond my expectations defending me in my case. He was extremely knowledgeable about the laws that applied to my case and took the time to make sure I understood the process. I found him to be very professional and always available. I would highly recommend him and would seek his services again if ever needed. "
  • " Mr. Freudman is everything what I hoped to find in a lawyer. I spent a long time talking to a lot of lawyers in the city who I felt would best represent me and whom I would most importantly, would feel confident enough to handle my case. In many cases, I left their offices feeling like I would be just another paycheck, a number. It was not a nice feeling to have. When I finally met Mr. Freudman, from the very beginning I really felt that he would not only do everything to help me but that he genuinely cared about my specific case. I was never made to feel like I was asking a bad question. He answered everything in a kind, professional and - for ordinary folks like me - in a way that I could actually understand. Honestly, if you are looking for someone to really fight for you, I would definitely recommend Mr. Freudman. "
  • " Daniel Freudman is an amazing lawyer! He was available 24 hours for when I needed him and he performed amazingly in court. He got me off all my charges and my record is clean once again. I highly recommend him to help you with all your legal matters. "
  • " I got arrested for some drug charges and a good friend insisted I retain Daniel. I could not be happier with the decision. Daniel reviewed the case and noticed where my rights had been violated. He stood firm with the prosecution and was able to have the charges dropped completely and unconditionally. Not only that but Daniel is easy to get a hold of, always answered my questions in a timely and knowledgeable manner and his prices were very reasonable. I cannot say enough good things about him and highly recommend him to anyone who should find themselves in a similar situation that I was in. I would not anyone else fighting for me in my corner. "
  • " Amazing lawyer! I called the guy on a Sunday night expecting to get his voicemail and he actually answered and was happy to talk with me about my case. I didn't have too much hope in lawyers cuz the last two I spoke with told me I should plead guilty (assault charges) even though I didn't do it. Daniel seemed really knowledgeable and willing to fight for me. We ended up going to trial and won! I was found not guilty of all charges thanks to some incredible legal arguments and questions Daniel raised about the Crown's evidence. If I ever get charged again (which I hope not to!) I'm definitely going with Daniel Freudman- great guy, great lawyer, really knows his stuff and would always answer his phone when I called or texted him even on evenings and weekends. I did actually also refer my buddy who got charged with a minor drug possession charge. My buddy told me Daniel got the charges dropped on the first court date, really impressive work. Thanks again Daniel, we can't thank you enough! "

Awards & Recognition

Best Civil litigation lawyer in Toronto
Best Civil litigation lawyer in Toronto
Best Civil litigation lawyer in Toronto
Best Civil litigation lawyer in Toronto
Best Civil litigation lawyer in Toronto
Best Civil litigation lawyer in Toronto
City Post Best - Toronto's Best Lawyers (Criminal Defence) 2023
City Post Best - Toronto's Best Lawyers (Criminal Defence) 2022
City Post Best - Toronto's Best Lawyers (Criminal Defence) 2021
Streets Of Toronto - Toronto's Top Lawyers 2021

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